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Private tour Moray Maras and Chinchero

The private tour to Maras Moray and Chinchero is a different experience from the traditional tours in shared groups because in a private tour there is no rush, the time is yours and the excursion is personal so you enjoy more time in all these points of visit.

Why visit Maras and Moray

One of the main reasons why you have to visit Moray is because there is one of the main laboratories of Inca agricultural experimentation which is built on a natural depression composed of circular terraces or terraces that give an aspect of concentric rings.

The Incas used techniques of acclimatization to diverse varieties of plants in this place proof of this is that in Moray were found seeds of coca, chili, corn, potato, and fruits which in turn allowed an improvement in the genetics of these products.

Why visit Maras? In Maras is one of the most important salt deposits of the Inca culture in Peru, which allowed its exploitation since pre-Inca times, Inca, Republican and today.

In this beautiful place you can find more than 3500 salt ponds which are exploited in a traditional way by the people of Maras who own plots of it.

It is here where you will be able to see the great variety of salt ponds and its artisanal exploitation where the pink, medicinal and cooking salt is extracted. It is already a fantastic place and admired by thousands of tourists who are fascinated by the natural beauty of this place.

Why visit Chinchero

In Chinchero was located the royal palace of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui where today is the temple of the Virgin of Monserrat in the main square.

But besides it is here where Mateo García Pumacahua Chihuantito would later become one of the most representative characters of the history of Peru being the precursor of the independence of Peru. His family came from the direct lineage of Inca Huayna Capac that is why he obtained the position of cacique of the Spanish crown in Chincheros.

Visiting Chinchero is to know the living Inca culture from its Inca constructions, terraces and colonial culture that is still preserved throughout this place with traditions and customs that jump at the sight of every visitor.

Itinerary summary of the tour Maras, Moray and Chinchero

The tour Maras – Moray is a tourist destination that is part of the Sacred Valley of the Incas (3300 meters above sea level), has magnificent views of the snowy Chicon and La Veronica contrasting with its green forests and vegetation that this has the Vilcanota mountain range.

Through this tour you will be able to see the great experimental center of agricultural production with the circular terraces of Moray and the famous pink salt pits “Salineras” of Maras of more than 5000 wells that were made with stone walls in an irregular way with mud mortar that delimit each well and that are fed by a spring and this feeds different wells, until today are used and used by the population and that are very admired by thousands of tourists.

DURATION: 6 HOURS (half day)

OPENING HOURS: 08:30 – 14:30 UHR.


  • Pick up from your hotel from 08:30 hrs. (Valid for hotels located within the historic center of Cusco).
  • Our first stop is the town of Maras, an important stop to get to the “Salineras de Maras” characterized by the presence of more than 5 thousand pools of pink salt, important for human consumption since Inca times until today.
  • We continue the visit to Moray famous for its circular terraces which is believed to have been a center of agricultural experimentation of crops used by the Incas obtaining different microclimates that allowed the cultivation of products from different regions of Peru.
  • Finally, we will visit Chinchero appreciating the construction of its terraces, the urban distribution of its streets that is still maintained, and the production of unique textiles that are made by the people of the area.
  • We finish this magnificent tour of Maras Moray with the return to the city of Cusco.


Pick up from your hotel (valid for hotels in the historical center of Cusco)

Entrance tickets to tourist attractions (Moray, Salineras de Maras, Chinchero).

Tourist transportation to all the sites described

Qualified bilingual tour guide (English and Spanish)


Food not mentioned in the program

Personal expenses


How to book ?

You can book the Maras Moray tour through our website: or you can also send us an email to here you will receive all the information of the tour in all its presentations and you can also write us any questions about the tour that we will be happy to assist you.

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