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The tour called Inca Trail offers tourists a unique and unforgettable experience through one of the trekking routes as Inca Trail, the hike catalogs one of the most important in the world and number 1 in South America. By walking Inca trails that are part of the great Qapaqñan (royal roads) that lead us to one of the wonders “Machupicchu”, wonder of the modern world and cultural heritage of humanity.

The Inca Trail offers a visit to archaeological sites such as: Patallacta, Runkurakay, Puyupatamarca, Wiñayhuayna, Warmiwañuska and Sayacmarca places of much Inca history. In addition to its points such as the places of Huayllabamba and Pacaymayo places of beautiful views surrounded by flora and fauna of the jungle of Cusco and with wonderful landscapes of forests of the high jungle of Cusco.

Among all the adventures offered by the Inca Trail are hiking activities on Inca trails that lead to archaeological site already mentioned with the contact of the natural beauty of the jungle with its cloud forests and the presence of animals of the area’s habitat as the spectacled bear just seeing it makes this path more than unique with the aim of having the view from the Intipunku the gateway to Machu Picchu,  privilege only for those who make the Inca Trail either the traditional Classic Inca Trail of 4 days or the Short Inca Trail of 2 days.

This is the experience that the Inca Trail offers to its visitors in one of its paths, this difficult to match in the world, in a tourist circuit of limited capacity, is for that reason that thousands of visitors book this tour to the Inca Trail with a minimum of 6 months in advance to find availability and perform it.