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The Salkantay tour is more than just a tour, it is the contact that a tourist has with nature and be surrounded by the environment of the Vilcabamba mountain range, in one of the best 25 hikes in the world, which takes you through unique places of natural beauty as the Humantay lagoon, with views of the snowy peaks of Salkantay with a single goal of reaching the wonder of the world Machupicchu by an alternate route.

The places included in the Salkantay tour are Soraypampa, Humantay Lagoon, Salkantay, Chaullay, Santa Teresa, Llactapata, Hydroelectric, Aguas Calientes and the wonder of the world Machupicchu.

What the tour to Salkantay offers us is a unique and unforgettable experience making visits to many localities that in its path are from the city of Cusco by different high Andean areas that have a magnificent landscape and then dazzles us with the scenic beauty that has the tour from its starting point with the mountains that keep all this mountain range and keep in the lagoon of Humantay and other sites that have an environment of the high jungle with lush vegetation and green, with descent towards the low jungle through roads that form the archaeological park of Salkantay and then connect by dense trails of vegetation of many plantations and habitat of animals in the area.

With activities that are part of the Salkantay tour is the canopy, activity that is performed for the crossing of the river through a basket a step over the waters of the Urubamba River.

Salkantay Trek Tour offers one of the best experiences in the Vilcabamba mountain range.