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How to go to Maras Moray from Cusco

Here we detail the ways to go to Maras Moray from Cusco read the following article.

How to get to Maras Moray from Cusco

There are 2 ways to get to Maras Moray from Cusco and that is to go through a travel agency that will take care of all the coordination of your tour or through collective buses, public buses or private cars.

With tourist agency

A good option is to go through the travel agency READY TO TRAVEL PERU that has the experience in this type of tours, they are in charge of all the planning of your tour with a first class attention.

How to go to Maras Moray from Ollantaytambo

There are 2 options:

The first is to go through a private car or taxi that will take you from Ollantaytambo to Maras and Moray this could have a cost of 80 soles all this will also depend on how many people.

The second option would be to take public buses but they will not leave you at the door of the same attractions, you would have to take another taxi service to take you to the place. This option is ideal if you have the whole day planned to be there so that time is not an impediment to perform all these activities.


It is possible to do this tour without a travel agency and organize it yourself.

From the city of Cusco we have to take a bus that will take us from Cusco to Urubamba. The cost of these buses is 12 soles per person.

Where to take the buses to Urubamba? From Grau Avenue located approximately 3 blocks from the temple of Qoricancha.

After a bus ride of approximately 45 minutes we must get off at the bus stop Ramal de Maras, from this point take another taxi that will take us to the village of Maras.

The approximate time is 30 minutes and the cost is 5 soles per person and for the return you can look for buses to take us back to Ramal Maras or take another taxi to take us to Moray the cost is approximately 40 soles per person.

Remember that these costs are for the outbound leg and you should take the same costs for the return trip.

In addition to this you must take into account that you must pay for the entrance tickets to the archaeological sites, i.e. have the Partial Tourist Ticket or General Tourist Ticket (Nationals or Foreigners) 70 or 130 nuevos soles.

Entrance ticket to Maras the cost is 10 nuevos soles per person.

With Tourism Agency

With a tourist agency your visit to Maras and Moray will be more economical and easier to make because the tours are conducted on a daily basis.

We as a tourism agency we have tours every day of the year, contact us for more information or write to [email protected]

Recommendations to go to Maras Moray

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Carry original and valid passport or identity card for the purchase of tourist tickets.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, hat for sun and cold, sun block, snack.
  • Bring rain ponchos (depending on the season November – March).
  • Carry extra cash, if you want to buy something there are no ATMs close to the area.

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