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Story of Humantay Lake

The story of the Humantay lake, a sacred lake since Inca times, gave rise to an Andean legend that was transmitted from generation to generation.

The story tells of 2 brothers named Ausangate and Salkantay where both brothers made the decision to travel to unknown lands with a different direction to get food and to end the famine suffered by their people.

Ausangate the older brother took direction to the south to look for food and it was in this way that he found food and sent to Cusco, while his younger brother Salkantay took direction to the north where he had a better destiny finding food that finally sent him to Cusco. It is there that was born the love with the goddess Veronica such was the romance that Salkantay had that did not end in a happy ending, since both brothers had to return to Cusco to stop the drought that was happening and product of it were punished by the gods and became snowy, it came so much sadness Salkantay be converted into a snowy and crying that emanated gave rise to the beautiful lake that bears the name of the Humantay lake.

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