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Palcoyo Stone Forest

The Forest of stones Palcoyo is a natural attraction that is part of the circuit of the mountain of colors of Palcoyo, a small forest of natural formation of big rocks which is to a unique height to 5000 m.a.s.l. This forest has a style of having been carved in ancient times with a mastery that attracts many tourists and travelers in a very privileged area where you can see the great chain of mountains that form the Andean mountain range, and the natural beauty of the mountain of colors that provide a unique setting worthy of being visited and ideal for people who love nature and mysticism.

This forest of stones emerged millions of years ago as a result of deglaciation and volcanic eruptions, which with the passage of time and erosion formed these whimsical shapes in the upper part of the mountain, and shows a unique charm thanks to its scenic beauty.

Bosque de Piedras Palcoyo - Palcoyo Stone Forest
View of the Stone Forest in the Mountain of Colors Palcoyo

The location of the forest of stones of Palcoyo is in the same community of the mentioned name to the side of the mountain of colors of Palcoyo, in the district of Pitumarca of the province of Canchis region Cusco.