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Humantay lake on your own

Take into account the following steps to go to the Humantay Lake from Cusco on your own.

On your own (No travel agency)

  • From Cusco, take an interprovincial bus to Mollepata, the terminal is located on the street Arco pata (take a cab) if necessary the trip lasts 1h40 to 2 hours, the price of the service has a cost of 15 soles.
  • Once you are located in Mollepata you should look for a cab service to Soraypampa, the trip has a duration of 1 hour and the cost of the service is 70 soles. This place is ideal for breakfast and lunch.
  • In Soraypampa you will have to walk an average of 2 hours to reach the Humantay lake.
  • In the Humantay lake it is recommended to stay one hour maximum to not alter your return schedule.
  • Then perform the same routine that you did at the beginning of the tour, but this time on the way back and with the same times.

Important note:

  • When you take the cab service Mollepata – Soraypampa try to get the service back and forth because it is difficult to find a cab back (very important).
  • If you do not find a return cab you can spend the night in Soraypampa or Mollepata in the lodges that are in both towns (25 soles per night).