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Cusco city walking tour

The walking tour or walking tour Cusco, is one of the most sought after experiences for people who like to know more details of Cusco.

The tour starts from the Recocijo square in the historic center of Cusco, in the course of the guided tour we will pass through several streets that have a different history to another, also through this guided tour will know the best tourist restaurants and traditional restaurants of Cusco. The visit also includes learning about the local life of the Cusqueños through a tour of the traditional market of San Pedro, a market of a historical legacy designed by the French architect Gustave Eiffel and inaugurated in 1925 that today is part of the oldest food market in Cusco.

The itinerary of this tour is subject to the availability of the tour agency in terms of schedules or if they are subject to payment.

Is it advisable to take a walking tour in Cusco?

Of course, the walking tour will allow you to know the details less known by thousands of tourists of the history of Cusco, the tour will also allow you to know why the name of its streets and the anecdotal events that happened in Cusco.

Places to visit on walking tour in Cusco

Places to know in the Cusco city walking tour through a tour

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The Cusco city walking tour
  1. Plazoleta Regocijo
  2. Municipal Palace
  3. House of the Chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
  4. San Francisco Square  
  5. Botanical Garden
  6. Colegio Ciencias, Cusco’s oldest school
  7. Arch of Santa Clara 
  8. San Pedro Market
  9. Plaza de Armas 
  10. Sun Street
  11. Palace of Pachacutec

Walking tour in Cusco without a tour, places to visit

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Cristo Blanco, is the viewpoint of the city of Cusco.
  1. Cusco Cathedral
  2. Coricancha
  3. Sacsayhuaman
  4. Qenqo
  5. Tambomachay
  6. Pucapucara
  7. Inka Museum
  8. Pre-Columbian Art Museum
  9. Regional Historical Museum
  10. Garcilaso House
  11. Religious Art Museum
  12. Museum of popular art
  13. Churches at worship time
  14. Cusco Handicraft Center
  15. San Pedro Market
  16. Museum and catacombs of the convent of San Francisco de Asis
  17. Museum of the Monastery of Santa Catalina
  18. Coca Museum
  19. San Blas Neighborhood
  20. Viewpoint of Cristo Blanco