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How to get to Maras Moray from Urubamba

There are 4 ways to get there and we are going to detail them:

  • Option 1.- It is through a taxi service that will take you from Urubamba to Maras and Moray, the price varies according to the number of people and the final destination if Urubamba or Cusco.
  • Option 2: Join a private tour with a guide. We consider this option the safest and most recommended.
  • Option 3.- Take public transport services that leave from Urubamba to Maras which has a cost of 4 soles and then take taxi services in the same town in the direction of Moray and the salt mines of Maras, all this is recommended to take the service if you are several people not recommended if you are only 1 person for your safety.
  • Option 4.- If you have a private transport or your own car we recommend you to take the CU-1166 route which is the main route from Urubamba to Cusco, and then take the detours that are signposted on the route.

From Urubamba to Maras Moray in Private Transport

The visit to Maras Moray from Urubamba has become one of the most popular in recent years, because many tourists choose to rest in a hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is why the Maras Moray tour is an ideal choice through a private transport or private tour.

To do the tour in a private transport you have to take the route CU-1166 that leaves from Urubamba to the archaeological site of Moray.

It has a travel time of 36 min (22.9 km) and to go to the Salt Mines of Maras is to take the same route and on the same route you will see the detour that leads to the Salt Mines of Maras.

You could also find another route that usually appears in Google map search engines, it is not highly recommended is why it is recommended to take the main route mentioned.

Why go to Maras Moray with Ready to Travel Peru?

Because in READY TO TRAVEL we have a staff of highly trained professionals and our extensive experience in tours throughout Cusco have made us the preferred agency for tourists of different nationalities who share their experiences to others giving a good rating of service in the realization of the tour Maras Moray.

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