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The Sacred Valley of the Incas Maras Moray, is one of the places not to be missed during your visit to the city of Cusco, the highlights are the archaeological site of Moray and the famous salt mines of Maras.

Each place you visit in the Sacred Valley, will make you live a different experience to the other, so we take time to describe these two places.

Normally when you decide to visit or take the Sacred Valley tour you only visit the archaeological sites of Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero, but it also has a lot of history and importance within the Sacred Valley Maras – Moray.

The tour of Maras Moray or if you want to go on your own, is a tour of about half a day, you can make this visit in several ways:

  • Classic form or Cultural tourism.
  • Adventure Tourism (ATV or Bicycle).

Archaeological Site of Moray

View of the archaeological site of Moray

Located 33 km outside the city of Cusco. This archaeological site is important for its experimental agricultural production center, from a first point of view gives us the appearance of being an amphitheater, but in reality it is an experimental agricultural center, specifically for its circular terraces.

It is considered one of the most important works of Inca agricultural architecture, the circular terraces, since they managed to create various microclimates in an average of 20 microclimates and in them grow different types of corn, potatoes and other products from various regions of the country.

The most important work of agricultural engineering, composed of a set of circular terraces achieving different microclimates of the regions of Peru.

You can visit this place through the Sacred Valley plus Maras Moray tour or if you wish through the Maras-Moray quad or bicycle tours, the view of this place is worthy of a good photo session.

Maras Salt Mines

Salineras Maras Cusco 1024x768 - SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS MARAS - MORAY
View of the salt mines in the district of Maras

Located 39.5 km outside the city of Cusco. Important center of salt production, the famous “Pink Salt Mines”, which is used for consumption and the production of aromatic products.

The famous “Pozas de Sal” (salt ponds) are comprised of more than 5,000 ponds that were widely used in Inca times and are still used today by the families of this area, used for human consumption and commercialization”. The pink salt or salt of Maras” is considered as medicinal to cure ailments related to bone pain and other conditions, also the salt is used for the preparation of meals and preferred by some Peruvian chefs in their gourmet meals, in recent years have also inserted this salt in the pastry which offers dark chocolate from the province of the convention along with the Salt of Maras.

You can visit it in a particular way or if you want to know this place you can do it through the Sacred Valley Maras Moray Tour or if you want you can also know it through the tour on ATVs or bicycles in Maras Moray.

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