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red river Palcoyo

The red river Palcoyo is one of the recent attractions of Cusco, is located in the southern part of the Vilcanota mountain range, as its name says the color of its waters are dyed red during the rainy season that are in the times of the months of January, February and March, the rest of the months is not possible to see this natural phenomenon, although this attraction is little known attracts the attention of many tourists who are amazed by the natural attraction.

Rio rojo Palcoyo 1024x664 - red river Palcoyo
View of the color of the red river waters coming from the Palcoyo colored mountain

Why the red color of the Palcoyo river?

This natural phenomenon is a product of the erosion of the rains that cause the decline of the mountains and red valley, dragging in its waters the argilites and clays causing in red color that in turn feed its rivers dyeing them red generating a unique spectacle and of a great color along its route.

How many red rivers are there in Cusco?

There are 2 red rivers in the Ausangate mountain range, the first is near the mountain of 7 colors and the second on the route that goes to the mountain of colors Palcoyo.

How to get to the red river of Palcoyo Mountain?

  • One of them is to take the service of a travel agency between the months of January to March that will take you to the place through a tour.
  • The second option is to go on your own, through a vehicle unit and leave towards Checacupe in a trip of approximately 3 hours, and then go to the town of Combapata, from this point go to the community of Palcoyo where the red river is located.

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