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Llactapata is an archaeological site and part of the Machupicchu archaeological park and is also part of the 4-day Inca Trail Trek located to the northeast of the Q’ente hacienda between the Cusicacha and Urubamba rivers at an altitude of 2840 meters above sea level (8136 ft).

Patallacta 1024x630 - inca trail ruins of llactapata peru
View of the archaeological site of Patallacta at m.a.s.l.

Its name comes from the Quechua compound words “llacta” which means village and “pata” which means elevated together means elevated village because its construction is located on the elevated part of a hillside.

Patallacta belongs to the district of Machupicchu in the province of Urubamba in the department of Cusco. Its access route is through a hike from kilometer 82 of the Inca Trail or by the railroad that leads to Machupicchu.

Patallacta is composed of terraces, stairways, squares, water channels, smaller ceremonial enclosures and also the archaeological site is composed of more than 112 rooms that are found around the perimeter and were built of stone and joined with mud mortar. Within them there are also residential buildings for high-ranking people and religious ceremonial centers.