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importance of the inca trail

The importance of the Inca Trail lies not only in its magnitude for being the largest in South America, but also in the capacity it had in the management of populations in Inca times.

Importance of the Inca Trail or Qhapac Ñan:

  • It was the backbone of the road system that covered thousands of kilometers.
  • Its objective was to unite the towns of the Tahuantinsuyo for a better administration of resources. It also served to unite mining and agricultural zones, ceremonial centers, populated areas and administrative centers.
  • Its architecture consisted of longitudinal and transversal roads built with the purpose of intensifying relations between towns in the Andes.
  • All social, political, religious and economic aspects were strengthened.
  • The Inca road allowed foodstuffs such as chili, coca, corn, fish and mullu to be brought and exchanged from different areas.
  • The Inca Trail allowed temporary communication with territories that today are Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Peru.
  • The Inca trail served as a passage for administrative officials, military armies and animals.

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