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Humantay lake tour schedule

The schedule of the tour to the Humantay lake (4200 m.a.s.l.) will be mentioned below, this schedule will help you to have a brief that will help you to orient yourself in where you are already located and the itinerary to follow in the next hours of your tour.

  • 04:00 hrs to 05:00 hrs: Beginning of the pick up from your hotels to start the tour, remember that this is the established schedule, the travel agency will communicate the exact time of pick up.
  • 05:00 hrs to 07:00 hrs: start of the trip in the tourist transport towards the district of Mollepata in the province of Anta.
  • 07:00 hrs to 07:30 hrs: at this time we will have our breakfast buffet at one of the restaurants established by the travel agency.
  • 07:30 hrs to 09:00 hrs: we will take an hour and a half trip on a dirt road to Soraypampa, a community at 3900 meters above sea level.
  • 09:00 hrs to 11:00 hrs: time to start the ascent hike to the Humantay lake (2km).
  • 11:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs: time to spend unique moments and take as many pictures as possible in this beautiful place.
  • 12:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs: after having known the Humantay lake we will start with the descent to Soraypampa.
  • 13:30 hrs to 14:30 hrs: we will go to Mollepata to have a buffet lunch.
  • 14:30 hrs to 15:30 hrs: time to take the buffet lunch.
  • 15:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs: time to return to Cusco city.

NOTE: Lunch time may vary, it is not always in Mollepata, it may be a place near Soraypampa, the itinerary will not be affected in the established schedules.

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