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Humantay lake buffet lunch

The buffet lunch service in the tour of the Humantay Lake is included in the tour purchased by the travel agency, the restaurants to the tour to the Humantay Lake are usually located in the town of Mollepata, it is in this place where most tourists take breakfast and lunch buffet.

The buffet lunch service is composed of food typical of the high Andean zone, in a buffet made for the palate of the tourist with a variety of food to choose from.

Is the breakfast included in the tour?

Yes, 99% of the travel agencies include this service in the tour to the Humantay Lake.

Can I have breakfast and lunch on the Humantay Lake tour on my own?

Yes, there are many restaurants and you are free to choose the restaurant of your choice, always taking into account the estimated time you have for lunch if you are traveling in a tour with people and do not pay for lunch or breakfast.

If I do not take the breakfast or lunch service during the tour, will I be reimbursed?

No, because the tour was already paid for both services.

Is the buffet lunch vegetarian?

Yes, for this you must inform your travel agency that you are a vegetarian and they will have no problem informing the restaurant to provide your lunch.

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