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Hiking to Palcoyo

One of the experiences offered by the tourist circuit of the mountain of colors Palcoyo, are the short hikes that offers and that are ideal for all ages in general for its short journey from the entrance gate to the viewpoints that has the mountain of colors.

The walk of the tourist circuit is made up of 3 viewpoints where you will have a better view of the beauty of the mountain of colors, the great red valley and other natural areas that the Andes mountain range has and the imposing snow-capped Salkantay


First viewpoint. The estimated walking time from the control gate to the first viewpoint is 10 minutes, at this point you can see the great red valley and part of the mountain of colors.
Second viewpoint. The walk from the first viewpoint to this second viewpoint is 20 minutes, an ideal place to take pictures next to the mountain of colors, in this place you can take pictures with the lamas that show their colorful decorations worthy of a souvenir postcard photo.
Third viewpoint. The walk to the third viewpoint leads us to the forest of stones in a 10 minute walk to the top where we can have a panoramic view of the entire area of the mountain of colors and the formation of the forest of stones where you can take the best pictures in these natural rock formations and an incredible height.

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Hike towards the Mountain of Colors

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