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Flora and fauna of the Humantay lake

The flora and fauna of the Humantay lake, where the area of grassland occupies 35.5%, scrubland occupies 12.6%, Andean forest occupies 20% according to MINAM in 2015, the area comprising the Humantay lake has little suitability for agricultural activity due to its cold and extreme climate and the lack of arborescent plants in a particular feature.

The most predominant plants in the area are mostly ichu grassland (Stipa ichu) and chiliwa (Festuca dolicophylla).

The fauna present that we can find on the way to the Humantay lake are the presence of vicuñas, alpacas and llamas at the beginning of the hike, and then we can observe animals such as weasels, vizcacha, birds, chinchillas and sometimes you can see the Andean condor.