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City Tour Cusco Quenqo

Qenqo is also part of the Cusco city tour circuit so the visit to this archaeological site is guaranteed, the city tour will not only let you know Qenqo but also you can visit places like the cathedral of Cusco, the Qoricancha, Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.

quenqo - City Tour Cusco Quenqo

Qenqo is located 2 kilometers from the city of Cusco at 3500 meters above sea level.

Q’enqo means “labyrinth” because of the underground galleries that are found under the stone structures. Q’enqo was an archaeological center of great importance due to the remains that still stand despite the destruction with the Spanish conquest, in it the Incas worshiped their gods such as the moon, the sun, the stars, the sacred mountain and the earth and also place where they put the mummies of the Inca rulers as part of their ceremonies in the niches that are in the amphitheater surrounding the site.

Qenqo - City Tour Cusco Quenqo
Quenqo subway constructions

How to make the tour to Qenqo?

  1. The easiest option is to purchase the City Tour to visit this archaeological site.
  2. Take the services of a travel agency for the realization of the tour in a private service.

Qenqo Tourist Ticket

The partial tourist ticket circuit 1 includes the visit of the following archaeological sites: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay these places includes the tour of the City Tour Cusco, said ticket is valid for 1 day.

The partial tourist ticket circuit 1 for foreign tourists (BTCPI) costs s/ 70.00 nuevos soles, tariff 2022.

The partial tourist ticket circuit 1 for national tourists (BTCPS) costs s/ 40.00 nuevos soles, tariff 2022.

Note: Due to the new rules of the tourist ticket there are no ticket sales for a specific archaeological site for that reason you must purchase the full ticket according to the place you want to visit, in this case the partial tourist ticket 1.

Why visit Quenqo in Cusco

Quenqo is a center of much mysticism and enigma because of the subway constructions linked to sacrifices and rituals for their divinities.

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