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Maras and Moray Tours

Maras is a district belonging to the province of Urubamba in the department of Cusco in Peru.

This district is one of the most visited within the Sacred Valley of the Incas and is also the best known for having 2 tourist attractions of major tourist influx such as the salt mines of Maras and the archaeological site of Moray and can be visited in a half day tour.

Why book Maras Moray with Ready to Travel Peru ?

Why book a tour of Maras Moray with us, because we have a staff of highly trained professionals and our extensive experience in tours throughout Cusco.

We have become the agency of choice for tourists of different nationalities who share their experiences with others giving us a good service rating in the realization of the Maras Moray tour.

Maras and Moray 1 Day Tours

The Maras Moray tour is a half day tour, its visit is ideal for those people who have a short time, but if you like to do the Maras Moray tour in 1 day it makes it more than amazing because you will have more time to visit both places and you can have a better explanation by the guide without the rush of a limited time because the tour is yours and the time is yours too.

Maras Moray Tours 2 days

You may be wondering if the Maras Moray Tour could be done in 2 days? the answer is YES, a tour of this kind would allow you to take a break in a hotel in Chinchero or Maras enjoying all the scenery that surrounds this beautiful place surrounded by mountains and then the next day to visit these incredible places.

Is it possible to combine Maras and Moray with other destinations?

The answer is YES, the tour Maras Moray is included in the tour Sacred Valley of the Incas called as Vip Valley that includes these 2 points of visit on the tour, for this you would leave very early from Cusco from 6:30 am which is the start time of the tour Vip Valley, all in a full day tour culminating at 07:00 pm in the city of Cusco.

The other option to combine the tour Maras Moray would be with connection to Machupicchu, for this you would take the same tour previously mentioned but when you are in Ollantaytambo after the guide go to the train station in Ollantaytambo and take the train to Aguas Calientes Machupicchu.

The second option is to take a private service for the tour Maras Moray and add as a point of visit to Chinchero because she is also included in your tourist ticket and what better option to add this point of visit and have some time in it.

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